The Grand Atrium

We strive to do one thing and one thing only and that is to guarantee customer satisfaction. So we have created the The Grand Atrium for our valued customers to provide them with the most entertaining and fun shopping experience that they can get. We have created one of the most astounding architectural masterpieces of Pakistan with a cosmopolitan shopping space and family friendly shopping environment. The Grand Atrium is the best shopping environment for kids as well as adults, it gives you the opportunity to shop without hassle and we have given the community the perfect opportunity to make their shopping day, a fun day.

What we see ahead we have always strived to better ourselves and The Grand Atrium will grow and evolve with its customers. We aim to keep this an entertaining experience for our customers. We aim to keep up with market trends to make sure that The Grand Atrium remains the best state of the art mall in your city in the future as it is now.

Our Mission

The vision and concept of The Grand Atrium has been centered around 6 key words - dynamic, iconic, modern, lively, playful and continuity. The Grand Atrium would be dynamic, iconic and modern representing Pakistan’s global aspiration as a world-class retail destination. It would be lively and playful, embodying the city’s and country’s vibrant culture & tradition. It would encapsulate continuity in its seamless integration of the city, neighborhood, mall and the users experiencing it. The Grand Atrium is a cosmopolitan shopping arena with the exclusive ambience you'd expect to find around you. At The Grand Atrium, you’ll live the most out of magnificent shopping and entertainment experience. The Grand Atrium is brought to you by Toyota Faisalabad Motors, a company with a world of experience in dynamic real estate and retail developments. It is planned to be much more than just another mall. It’ll be a new destination for shopping and fun, drawing crowds from the city and beyond. And this is your opportunity to be a part of it.

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