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"After successful experience of Automobile Industry in Faisalabad, with a lot of achievements especially in 1996-1997, now we are heading towards a mind blowing project of “The Grand Atrium” in your own city Faisalabad, the “Manchester of Pakistan”. A young exuberance emanates from the majestic structure, which is “The Grand Atrium” of Faisalabad, branded by all the noted brands of the globe. It’s a matter of joyousness for everyone in Faisalabad city for a creation that surpasses all its previous business ventures. It’s an area that embraces each member of the Pakistani family however what it extremely encompasses is that the disposition of each person for young zest and fashionable trends. The Grand Atrium may be a true reflection of the aspirations of all brand conscious people that select the most recent designer attire to the sophistication. We have created one among the foremost astounding discipline masterpieces of Asian nation with a cosmopolitan looking area and family friendly looking setting. “The Grand Atrium” is having the best looking setting for youths further as adults, it offers you the chance to buy while not trouble and that we have given the community the proper opportunity to create their looking day, a fun day. What we have a tendency to see ahead we've continuously strived to raise ourselves and therefore “The Grand Atrium” can grow and evolve with its customers. We have a tendency to aim to stay this associate fun expertise for our customers. We have a tendency to aim to stay up with market trends to create positive that The Grand Atrium remains the most effective state of the art mall in your town within the future.

“The Grand Atrium” will be distributed with all the necessities of associate setting that pursues the worldwide trends for branded product, “The Grand Atrium” can be said to be the most effective place for all that enhances the fashionable life vogue. It’s a matter of honor and Brobdingnagian pleasure to understand that people all around the world visit this place for looking and recreation feel it the epitome for all things branded. The sensation of finding everything below one roof in itself may be a terribly fulfilling and satisfying for even the foremost unsatiable shopaholics. “The Grand Atrium” will extend all the facilities that complement the consumers day trip, is quick proving to be a daily looking paradise for all those that like the higher aspect of a modern style besprent with everything entertaining to stay one in sensible spirits, whereas enjoying the world’s foremost brands during a distinctive setting. Rest, pray, play, look with a content feeling that comes with all the facilities that one will notice within the most exclusive looking setting at par with any within the world. Best regards to all the brand conscious people and shoppers at “The Grand Atrium”.

Zaheer Malik

Chief Executive Officer,

The Grand Atrium, Faisalabad

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